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Welcome to the Generet Award 2021 online application system.

The application form is composed of the 7 following sections:
  • Eligibility check
  • Principal Investigator
  • Research Project
  • Ethics
  • Communication Plan
  • Excluded referees
  • Final provisions

You will need to upload various documents:
  • Complete and updated CV (of the Principal Investigator + possible partner(s))
  • Complete and updated list of publications (of the Principal Investigator + possible partner(s))
  • The research project
  • Scientific achievements to date
  • Communication plan

A « quit and save » procedure allows you to leave the form and access it later. Click on the "save and continue later" tab in the upper right corner of the form and enter your email address. A link allowing to return to your form will be sent to that address. Should you experience any trouble to reaccess your form, please contact the administrative team at

Please note that all fields are mandatory.

Once your file is complete, click the « submit » button on the last page of the form. Once you click on this button you can no longer access your application.

An eligibility check will be performed and you will be kept informed regarding the status of your application.

A PDF version of the application form is available here:. This document only aims at providing an overview of the different sections you will have to fill in. It should not be used to submit your application.

For any information, please contact