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ESNsurvey 2021

ESNsurvey 2021

Dear participant,

The ESNsurvey is a Europe-wide research project covering different topics concerning mobility and education. It is the largest project of its kind carried out solely by volunteers. This year, ESNSurvey aims to explore the core elements of student mobility. 

Please read carefully the following information concerning your participation in this research.

What Does Your Participation Involve?
The following questionnaire has 6 parts with questions on student mobility. It should take you around 20 minutes. Please, answer the questions as accurately and sincerely as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. If a question is not relevant for you please go to the next questions or, when possible, select the “Not Applicable” option.
Your participation will help ESN to better represent the interests of international students in the future. 

Voluntary Participation Withdrawal and Privacy 
Your involvement is entirely voluntary. All information will be treated confidentially. Your name and specific information that could be used to identify you will not be collected. Once you have completed the questionnaire we are unable to remove your data due to this lack of identifiable information.

Questions / Results: 
If you would like to discuss any aspect of this study please feel free to contact the ESNsurvey Coordinator via the following email address: The findings of this study will be published in the “ESNsurvey 2021 Report” around April 2021.

Let us thank you in advance for your assistance with this research project. 
We greatly appreciate your support!

The ESNsurvey Team 2021

By clicking on the button "NEXT": 

  • I AGREE to participate and give my PERMISSION for the results to be used in the research.

  • I am aware that this survey is ANONYMOUS and no personal details are being collected.

  • I know that I may change my mind, withdraw my permission, and stop participating at any time.

  • I acknowledge that it will NOT be possible to erase my data once it has been submitted.

  • I acknowledge that I have read the information about the nature and scope of this study.

  • I understand that the findings will be published but that NO information, which can identify me, will be published.