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Survey on concussion management and sleep disorders


We invite you to fill out a questionnaire to gather information about the care you received following a concussion. We would also like to know more about the possible symptoms you may have experienced following the concussion.
This questionnaire is dedicated to people between 18 and 65 yo and who had a concussion up to 5 years ago.
For your information, you will find below the definition of a concussion.

It is very important to answer each question so that your participation can be taken into account in this survey.

In advance, we thank you for your collaboration!


A concussion, also known as a mild head injury, is a form of brain injury that can be caused by a direct impact to the head as well as by an indirect impact such as a whiplash. Following this concussion, symptoms such as headaches, dizziness or trouble concentrating, among others, may occur and last for a few days. Some symptoms may last for several weeks or months, which is called a "post-concussion syndrome".


You will need about 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.


By completing this survey, you consent to the use of the data provided for clinical research purposes only.

Protection of your personal data

You control the personal data you provide to us. We will ensure that your data cannot be traced back to your data from our research. You can contact us at any time to change or delete your information.

More information:

Aurore Thibaut - (University of Liege, Belgium)
1. Could you please confirm that you will answer all of the questions of the present survey.