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Post-Market-Surveillance - EndoWave [EN]


Post-market surveillance is a legally anchored, proactive and systematic process to derive necessary corrective and preventive measures of information about medical devices that have already been placed on the market.

Our goal is:
  • Uncover risks associated with the use of the product,
  • ensure the performance of the products,
  • Identify product defects and security issues,
  • Assess the benefits and risks
  • initiate necessary measures.
Only with systematic monitoring, even after they have been placed on the market, we can guarantee that our products offer the desired benefit and make sure that there is no uncontrolled risk for patients, users or third parties.

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  • The information you give us and the data from the completed questionnaires are sent directly to our European QM department, where they are summarized in the form of anonymized statistics before they are globally evaluated. They can then no longer be assigned to individuals.
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