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January FIS Nordic Fan of the Month

Are you the Nordic Fan of the Month?

Dear Cross-Country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping fans, 

Throughout the season, we will be putting your super fan skills up to the test to find out who is the Nordic Fan Of The Month, and the Nordic Fan Of The Season. 

Each month, we will invite you to a different challenge, allowing you to show us and the Snowsports Community what Nordic winter sports means to you and why you are a super fan! 

But we also want to find out which discipline has the most superfans out there: Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Combined or Ski Jumping? Each time you enter the challenges you will gain 10 points for your discipline, and if you win that month, you will gain an extra 100 points for “your” sport! 

At the end of the season, we will not only see which sports wins the discipline ranking but there will also be a fan vote for the prestigious "Fan Of The Season Award”. Each Fan Of The Month will automatically be nominated and the Nordic fan community will get to vote for their winner.

Play for the honour, play for some exclusive prizes and play to show us what the sport means to you. 

Good luck,