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Power plant data (RECPP)

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Dear Participant,

We invite you to participate in a research study on the re-purposing potential of coal-fired power plants ­­thus opening perspectives for coal regions in transition beyond the coal phase-out. This study is part of a project Re-Purposing Coal Power Plants During Energy Transition (RECPP) funded by European Funds under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel Programme.
The questionnaire that we are sending to you is a central part of the development of a database on coal-fired power plants in the European Union, and inter alia on their infrastructure and development plans, current operation, common assets, and common commitments. This questionnaire will be sent to most power plants in the EU. The data collected in this manner will be aggregated and processed in order to get the overview of the situation in the entire EU coal-fired power sector. The results of the survey, combined with a deeper analysis of the energy sector in the EU, experience in transformation as well as analysis of available technologies, will help to illustrate the challenges and opportunities related to the re-purposing potential of the coal-power plants and its infrastructure. The study will complement the activities undertaken under Coal Regions in Transition. The key results expected as an outcome of the study are: an inventory of coal power plants in Europe, and an indication of the possibilities of their successful reuse.
The following questionnaire will require approximately 40 minutes to complete if you have all the necessary information. If there is a need for consultation or collection of data, the execution time may be proportionally extended. Please remember that the survey can be completed in several stages (by option: save and continue later). The survey is completely anonymous and all responses will remain confidential. Data from this research will be used only to prepare collective summaries. The survey completed by you will not be made available to the public in any way. The survey will be submitted to the project team responsible for developing the survey results. Members of this team are obliged to maintain professional secrecy related to the implementation of the research. If you agree to participate in this project, please answer the questions on the questionnaire as best you can.
Thank you very much in advance for the time and effort devoted to completing the survey. We are convinced that the knowledge obtained from the survey will help our team in developing a catalogue of good practices and working out the best solutions and justified proposals for the successful reuse of power plants in the EU and appropriate transformation of regions. We also hope that you will find the survey questions interesting.
If you require additional information or have questions, please feel free to contact us via email:,