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Assessment questionary (English v02)


Welcome to the planter profile inventory which is the first part of the self-assessment process.  This inventory is designed to help you explore your potential as a church planter.  In it, we will ask you to compare yourself with effective church planters in four major areas:
  1. Call
  2. Character
  3. Chemistry
  4. Competencies

No instrument is 100% accurate.  People are too complex for that.  That is why we use multiple instruments to create a composite picture. This self-assessment is the first step in a comprehensive process to reveal trends and patterns in your church planting profile and determine your potential as a church planter. 
There are two dangers with self-assessment instruments.  First, people don’t know themselves.  Hopefully by asking a series of reflective questions, this inventory will help you to think deeply about the church planting ministry.  Therefore, you need to prayerfully and thoughtfully work through this self-assessment process.  Also, you should check the accuracy of your self-assessment with your spouse, pastor, and trusted counselors.
Second, people aren’t honest with themselves. They are fearful that if they rate themselves too low, it will negatively impact their placement opportunities.  Since this inventory is primarily designed to help you discern your own church planting potential, you are free to be completely honest in your reflections.
There is nothing more painful than to be ministering in a place where you must constantly operate outside of your area of giftedness.  We believe everyone can be a part of planting a church, but not everybody is the lead-church planter. There is joy and fruitfulness for the planter who is properly placed in the right ministry environment. 

Some of this self-assessment is based upon ministry experience.  Don’t be discouraged by that. It means there are areas you will need to grow in. Maybe you are still studying or you are a business person without any theological education, this does not mean you can’t be a church planter.

When you have completed the Inventory, you will receive a report to the e-mail address that you registered with. If you know that you will have  an assessment interview within the next months, you also need to complete the: 
“Church Planting Candidate Pre-Assessment Interview Questionnaire”

You will find a link to this questionnaire at the end of the this, the Planter Profile Inventory.