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Open-source acoustic monitoring technology – needs and priorities


Thanks for agreeing to participate in this survey. We greatly appreciate your time!

Our AIM is to understand what acoustic monitoring technology you wish you had available, what features you think would help you do your job, and their relative priorities. By pooling responses from many users across the bioacoustics/ecoacoustics community, we aim to get the big picture about what functionalities are the highest priority to develop. We will use this information to create a publicly-available technology roadmap for acoustic monitoring technology which we hope will help focus current and future efforts in developing this technology, particularly as open-source.

The next page provides some background to help you understand our motivation for creating this survey. The survey consists of 20 questions, most of them multiple choice. We expect it will take about 10 minutes to complete. You may leave questions unanswered.

If you work in two or more very different settings (e.g. marine & terrestrial, or for recording & for acoustic localisation) please consider filling the survey separately for each setting (we would greatly appreciate your time!) or explaining how your key answers depend on the setting in the free text boxes provided in the survey.

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  1. The purpose of this research is to understand the future needs of acoustic monitoring technology; the data gathered will inform the development of a technology roadmap.
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